What are Wholesale VoIP Rates?

Wholesale VoIP rates refer to the special prices offered by VoIP providers to businesses and service providers who need a large amount of voice communication services. By purchasing wholesale VoIP minutes, numbers, and services, companies can save significantly compared to retail carrier pricing. The wholesale VoIP market enables flexible, scalable and cost-effective voice solutions.
wholesale voip rates
Wholesale VoIP

Overview of Wholesale VoIP

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol converts analogue voice signals into digital data packets for transmission over the Internet or private IP networks. Wholesale VoIP provides enterprise-grade VoIP services at discounted rates to resellers, larger businesses, contact centres and anyone needing high volumes of VoIP minutes and phone numbers.

Key benefits of wholesale VoIP include:

The global wholesale VoIP market is estimated to reach $143 billion by 2025. Growth drivers include migration of telecom networks to IP, increased cloud adoption, and demand for unified communications.
benefits of wholesale VoIP

Who Buys Wholesale VoIP

Several major customer segments utilize wholesale VoIP:

Telecom Carriers

Carriers purchase wholesale VoIP minutes to route long-distance traffic and expand service coverage.



Mobile virtual network operators that don't own infrastructure can use VoIP to cheaply provide calling services.


ITSPs / VoIP Providers

By reselling VoIP minutes, ITSPs can offer discounted VoIP services to their business clients.


Call Centers

Wholesale VoIP enables call centres to optimize costs by leveraging IP communications.


Business Process Outsourcers

BPOs running large contact centres utilize wholesale VoIP for maximum savings.


Multi-Location Businesses

Chains and franchises use wholesale VoIP to centralize communications across locations.

Wholesale VoIP Use Cases

Common use cases include:
  • Supporting business growth and seasonal spikes in calling.
  • Launching new phone numbers for ad campaigns or product launches.
  • Building disaster recovery plans and system redundancy.
  • Handling overflow call routing.
  • Reducing telephony costs for multi-site SMBs.
  • Enabling rapid creation of temporary call centres.
  • Providing enterprise features like IVRs and vanity numbers without expensive PBXs.
Wholesale VoIP Use Cases

How Wholesale VoIP Is Purchased

Wholesale VoIP can be purchased through several pricing models:

Per minute

Customers buy large blocks of minutes at discounted rates to draw down as needed. Rates often get lower at higher volume tiers.

Unlimited usage

VoIP providers may offer unlimited calling plans at flat monthly rates based on the number of users or extensions.


Toll-free numbers and minutes usually have separate costs and overage charges.

Number provisioning

Additional recurring fees are charged for providing new DIDs/phone numbers.

Concurrent calls

Some providers base pricing on the number of simultaneous call paths needed.


Providers mix and match these models, charging per-minute rates up to an allowance threshold and then charging for additional concurrent calls.

To get the best rates, customers should partner with a wholesale VoIP provider that offers maximum flexibility to the right-size services for changing business needs.

Dependency of Wholesale VoIP Rates

Wholesale VoIP rates ultimately depend on several factors:

Purchase volume

Rates come down significantly at higher tiers of minutes purchased, given the better economies of scale.

Term length

Agreeing to longer 12, 24 or 36-month terms can reduce rates versus short-term or pay-as-you-go pricing.


It’s cheaper to terminate calls domestically than internationally due to regulatory differences.

Time of day

Off-peak overnight and weekend rates are lower than weekday call rates.

Data vs SIP

VoIP over private data networks is cheaper than public SIP trunks.

Access types

Toll-free, local DIDs, and call centre routing affect rates.

To get the best rates, customers should partner with a wholesale VoIP provider that offers maximum flexibility to the right-size services for changing business needs.

To maximize value, wholesale VoIP customers should partner with a provider that offers:

Flexible buying options to meet changing needs

Ability to pre-purchase volume minutes for best pricing

Route optimization to reduce cost per minute

Discounted tiers as usage scales up

Capacity to burst to higher capacities during spikes

By leveraging these strategies, businesses can realize 30-60% savings over incumbent carriers and retail VoIP providers.

Wholesale VoIP Technology

Several key technologies enable providers to deliver wholesale VoIP:

SIP Trunking

SIP trunks enable connecting VoIP systems over public IP networks. They are used for both access and interconnect.


Private IP Networks

VoIP data traffic can be routed over managed global private networks rather than the public internet.

Cloud Infrastructure

Multi-tenant cloud platforms provide the backbone for scalable and reliable wholesale VoIP.


Session border controllers manage real-time media flows at network borders.



WebRTC enables plugin-free calling from directly within web browsers.

Voice API Integration

APIs allow for unified communications integrations with CRM and other data systems.

Advanced wholesale VoIP providers build highly redundant networks across key hubs, peer with multiple top-tier carriers, and leverage cloud platforms for agility. This ensures excellent quality and business continuity.

Global Wholesale VoIP Providers

There is a wide range of wholesale VoIP providers competing in the global market:

Local/Regional Carriers

Incumbent carriers sell wholesale access to augment retail offerings.

Global Carriers

Larger incumbents like AT&T, Verizon, My Country Mobile, Telekom, Rozper and others offer wholesale VoIP.

Global Wholesale VoIP Providers


Some business VoIP providers resell services at wholesale rates.

VoIP Specialists

Dedicated wholesale VoIP providers like Rozper, My Country Mobile, DIDWW, and others focus exclusively on this market.

When evaluating options, key considerations for buyers include:

Comprehensive self-service account management

Ability to instantly scale up or down

Route optimization and least-cost routing

Flexible rate plans and billing

Quality of voice network infrastructure

Business continuity provisions

By selecting the right partner, businesses can realize substantial long-term savings and strategic benefits by using wholesale VoIP services.

The Future of Wholesale VoIP

Several emerging trends will shape wholesale VoIP market growth:
The Future of Wholesale VoIP

The transition from TDM to All IP

Legacy telephony networks will continue migrating to 100% IP.

5G Integration

Seamless interoperability between 5G networks and VoIP systems.

AI & Analytics

Data-driven insights for traffic routing, fraud prevention and network optimization.

Expanding Global Coverage

Growing emerging market demand.

Contextual CX

Integration of voice with other channels and data for smarter, seamless customer experiences .


Further leverage of voice developer APIs, programmable voice, and CPaaS.

As demand grows globally for voice services, wholesale VoIP provides the platform to meet changing customer requirements in an agile and scalable manner. With VoIP adoption accelerating, the wholesale market will continue thriving.

FAQs of Wholesale VoIP Rates

What are Wholesale voice rates?

Wholesale voice rates refer to the charges per minute or second that telecom wholesalers impose on other carriers for ending calls on their systems. These charges are usually less than standard telephone rates, allowing businesses to economize on bulk call volumes.

What are Wholesale voip termination rates?

Wholesale VoIP termination rates denote the charges associated with routing voice calls over the internet via a wholesale VoIP termination service. These service providers bridge the gap between businesses and telecommunications carriers, supplying the essential infrastructure and technical knowledge required for extensive VoIP call handling.

What are Wholesale termination rates?

Wholesale termination rates are the fees a telecom provider bills another for channelling and finalizing voice over internet protocol (VoIP) calls to their endpoint. Providers of wholesale VoIP termination function as a bridge between businesses and telecom carriers, supplying the required infrastructure and technical know-how for the vast handling of VoIP calls.

What are VoIP termination rates?

VoIP termination rates denote the charges carriers impose for finalizing calls between different networks, typically billed by the minute. Such rates can fluctuate widely depending on factors like distance, agreements between carriers, volume of calls, and competitive market dynamics.

What are Voice termination rates?

Voice termination rates are the fees telecom operators incur when routing phone calls to mobile service providers. These charges can fluctuate based on the call type, its destination, and the chosen network for transmission. In this landscape, understanding these rates is crucial for telecom entities to navigate cost structures efficiently and maintain profitability while ensuring seamless connectivity for end-users

What are wholesale AZ VOIP termination rates?

Wholesale AZ VoIP termination rates pertain to a service where call termination costs vary based on the dialled number. Typically, rates consider the initial six digits of a phone number: the 3-digit area code (NPA) and the 3-digit prefix (NXX). This approach allows for dynamic pricing based on specific dialling patterns and destinations, optimizing costs for users and providers alike in the ever-evolving telecommunications landscape.

What are wholesale voice termination rates?

Wholesale voice termination rates denote the charges telecom carriers impose on one another to complete or end calls on their respective networks. It’s a telecommunication method that adeptly channels voice calls across different networks, ensuring smooth cross-platform communication by linking calls from one network to the next.

What are voip wholesale rates?

Wholesale VoIP rates are the price points set by wholesale VoIP providers for voice call services. Typically more affordable than retail prices, these rates enable businesses and telecom service providers to buy voice services in large quantities at reduced costs. Within the telecommunication sector, wholesale VoIP rates are instrumental, in providing budget-friendly options for businesses and carriers.
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