Virtual Numbers: Fill the Gap in Global Business Communication

A virtual phone number is a phone number that is routed over the internet, rather than the traditional phone network. Virtual numbers work by forwarding incoming calls to whichever device you choose, such as your cell phone or landline. Virtual phone numbers allow businesses to establish a professional presence and scale communication easily, without the costs of installing numerous phone landlines.

Fill the Gap in Global Business Communication

Why one should have Rozpar virtual number

Choosing a Rozpar virtual number offers a host of advantages for modern communication needs. With seamless integration and crystal-clear call quality, Rozpar virtual numbers enhance your professional image and ensure you never miss an important call. Enjoy the convenience of a single number accessible from anywhere, while benefiting from advanced call forwarding and management features. Whether you’re a growing business or an individual looking for a versatile communication solution, Rozpar virtual numbers provide the flexibility and reliability you need to stay connected and stay ahead.

Benefits of Using a Virtual Number

Using a virtual phone number for your business comes with many excellent benefits:
Benefits of Using a Virtual Number1

Cost Effective

Virtual phone services require no expensive PBX hardware or installation. Much more affordable for startups and small businesses compared to installing landlines.

Segregate Calls

With a virtual number, your business calls are handled separately from your personal cell phone. This improves your work-life balance.

Advanced features

Virtual phone services provide an extensive array of call handling and routing features, including voicemail, call recording, and


You can move virtual phone numbers if you relocate – you’re not tied to a physical location. Just log in and forward your calls anywhere.


With virtual phone systems you can easily and affordably add additional phone lines, toll free numbers, and features as your business grows. No new phone hardware required.

professional image

Virtual numbers allow you to get phone numbers with your local area code even if you don’t live there. This helps portray a more established business image.

Switch Numbers

If you move locations, you can get a new virtual number for your new area code easily and forward it seamlessly. Much more flexible than changing physical phone lines.

Benefits of Using a Virtual Number

Types of Virtual Phone Numbers

There are three main types of virtual phone numbers available, each designed for different communication needs.

Toll Free Numbers

Toll free numbers start with 800, 888, 877, or 866 and allow customers to call you free of charge. This makes them perfect for customer service, sales, and support hotlines.



Best Uses

Local Numbers

Local virtual numbers are linked to a specific area code and city, providing a local presence. Calls are routed to you wherever you are located.



Best Uses

International Numbers

International virtual numbers come with a phone number from another country. This allows you to establish a local presence in many countries.



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How to Get a Virtual Phone Number

Getting set up with virtual phone numbers is quick and easy:
How to Get a Virtual Phone Number

Research providers and compare plans

There are many virtual phone service providers to choose from, so research a few top options like Grasshopper, RingCentral, Ooma, Nextiva, 8×8, Vonage, etc. Compare their plans, features, reliability, and costs.

Porting existing numbers vs getting new numbers

You may want to transfer (“port”) your existing business phone number over to a virtual service. This maintains continuity for your customers. Alternatively, you can get a brand new number.

Setting up features like voicemail, call forwarding, etc.

When signing up, decide what call handling features you need right away like voicemail boxes, call forwarding rules to your cell, call routing menus, hold music or messaging, and more.

Select additional numbers

Consider getting toll free and international lines right away to expand your capabilities. You can always add more later.

Update online profiles

Update your website, ads, email signature, and anywhere else with your new virtual number so prospects call the correct number.

Using Your Virtual Number

Here are some best practices for using your virtual phone number effectively:

Set up a professional greeting

Record a polished, business appropriate voicemail greeting that gives callers confidence they reached the right place.


Check voicemails often

Log into your account frequently to check for any incoming voicemails you may have missed so you can return calls promptly. Nothing is worse than ignored voicemails.


Enable call forwarding

Make sure call forwarding to your cell phone is enabled so you never miss an important customer call when out of the office or traveling.


Use do not disturb judiciously

While it's tempting to use do not disturb to avoid interruptions, think twice about blocking customer calls for long periods.

Monitor usage

Keep an eye on your number of minutes used as you scale up your business. Upgrade your plan if needed so callers don't get busy signals.

Set up groups

Sort your customers into call groups so you can route different types of inquiries accordingly.

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Try auto attendants

Auto attendants provide a professional greeting and menu options to route calls. This queues up callers smoothly.


Integrate your CRM

Sync your virtual number with your CRM platform so callers are automatically logged for future reference.

Download recordings

If call recording is enabled, periodically download important recordings to retain customer information.


Stay on top of voicemails

Be vigilant about promptly returning any voicemails from prospective customers to avoid losing business.

Avoid juggling lines

- Transfer calls between team members seamlessly instead of putting customers on hold to juggle lines.

Set specific hours

Use features like automated or live call routing to indicate business hours so callers know when you're open.

Virtual Phone Service Providers

There are a wide variety of excellent virtual phone service providers to choose from these days. Here is an overview of some of the top options:


A very popular choice, Grasshopper offers simplicity and excellent customer support . Their plans start at $29/month for unlimited domestic calling. All core features like auto attendant, call forwarding, hold music, voicemail transcription, and texting are included standard. International calling is available. Integrates with CRMs like Salesforce, CLeadio, and more.cture that guarantees high delivery rates and minimal delays. Our redundant systems ensure that your messages are sent without interruption, maximizing the chances of reaching your audience at the right time.


RingCentral is a full Unified Communications platform with virtual phone as a main component. Call handling is robust, and the mobile app allows you to manage the system remotely. Has third-party app integrations, salesforce automation features, and video conferencing. Plans start at $20/month.


Rozpar, a rising contender in the virtual phone service market, offers plans from $20/month. Their main strengths include clear call quality, easy-to-use interface, and essential call management features. Their cloud-based system integrates with popular business tools and provides a mobile app for on-the-go access.


A holistic solution, SoftTop merges virtual phone services with team collaboration tools. Pricing begins at $15 per month for each user. It provides robust mobile and desktop apps with features ranging from call control to team chat. Plus, their analytics dashboard gives businesses insights into communication patterns and efficiency.


Nextiva offers plans starting at $25.95 a month, with unlimited calling, SMS, MMS, and fax. It boasts a strong reliability and uptime record. Supports teams collaboration through Amazon Chime integration, shared line appearance, call park, transfer, and more. Integrates with commonly used business apps.


Acepeak, initially known for consumer services, has branched out with effective solutions for businesses. Their business plans, offering unlimited domestic calling, start at $9.9/month. Notably, Acepeak integrates seamlessly with a variety of CRMs, including Salesforce, Zoho, and more, making it suitable for sales-driven enterprises.

The Advantages of Virtual Phone Systems

There are tremendous advantages inherent in virtual phone systems compared to traditional phone services.

incress flexibility

Increased Flexibility

Virtual phone services offer unparalleled flexibility over traditional systems. By leveraging the cloud, you can work from anywhere, seamlessly route calls, and ensure you never miss vital communications. These modern systems empower businesses to scale and adapt without being tied to a physical location or specific equipment.

Ability to Scale Up or Down

Virtual phone systems streamline business scaling, allowing quick addition of toll-free or international lines via an online dashboard. Small businesses benefit from adaptable communication needs, with the flexibility to easily expand or reduce services, free from lengthy contracts.

crm integration

CRM Integrations

It integrates with popular CRM software such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, offering significant advantages to sales teams. Automatic call logging ensures no information is lost, while on-screen pop-ups with customer info and click-to-call integrations enhance efficiency, making customer interactions swift and personalized.

Manage Online

Virtual phone systems provide hands-on control over features like auto attendant greetings, enabling management online or via mobile apps without IT assistance. This independence in customization is a significant benefit for lean teams and distributed workforces, standing in stark contrast to traditional PBX systems.

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Get your free trial

In today’s fast-paced digital world, staying connected efficiently is paramount. Experience the transformative power of virtual phone solutions firsthand. We encourage you to try a free trial and start maximizing the advantages today. Elevate your business communication to new heights.

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