The Best Call Tracking Software for Growth Hacking

Do you own a business and need a way to track which marketing campaigns are bringing in calls, conversions, and revenue? If so, call tracking software is the solution you’re looking for. It allows you to easily attribute phone calls to specific marketing channels like SEO and paid ads.  Explore why call tracking software is essential for growth-hacking.

call tracking software
Real Time Optimization

Real-Time Optimization

One of the primary benefits of call tracking software is real-time optimization of campaign strategies to drive more revenue-generating calls. With call tracking software, you can analyze the data and make informed decisions to improve your campaigns immediately.

Dynamic Number Insertion

Call tracking software also offers dynamic number insertion, call routing, and caller insights to understand what’s working the best. With this feature, you can assign unique trackable phone numbers to each of your marketing channel sources and capture data from the calls to understand which campaigns are driving the most calls.

Dynamic Number Insertion

How Does Call Tracking Software Work?

Call tracking software assigns unique trackable phone numbers to each of your marketing channel sources. These phone numbers capture data from the calls and help understand how many calls each of these channels is driving. Not only that, but the software can even capture necessary demographic information about each caller.
Most advanced solutions can be integrated with your CRM system that captures the performance of your campaigns. With this data, you can assess various metrics, including leading call drivers, quality of each call, and conversion rate.

There are various methods to track calls:

Call-Back Function

The internet user provides their number on the website of a company. As soon as the user clicks on the submit button, the software behind automatically sets up a telephone conversation between the user and the advertiser. The software also saves information on which online advertising medium led to this call. However, the call-back function is exclusively web-based.


Call Number Tracking

Advertisers are provided with a multitude of service numbers, including the landline numbers. It is based on a telephone server solution where each online banner, print ad, or any other advertising media is allotted an individual number to keep track.

Dynamic Call Tracking

Dynamic tracking allows a website to dynamically replace phone numbers presented to each visitor when the website loads. Tracking service then captures complete attribution data on the call and makes it available for marketers. Dynamic call tracking is ideal for attributing calls from SEO and digital advertising.

The Benefits Of Using Call Tracking Software For Your Business

Bulk SMS Service

Insight on Your Marketing ROI

Using a call tracking tool removes the guesswork and lets you invest money in channels bringing good leads. Using tracking system and assigning different phone numbers for your marketing channels, you can identify which advertisements send the most inbound leads. You can use this data to improve the lead conversion rate.

Better Caller Experience

When you integrate tracking solution with your CRM system, it displays vital information about the caller. You can quickly know their location, call history, and product interest. This information helps in engaging with your prospects better and help improve their call experience.

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Track Offline Engagements

Call tracking even enables you to keep track of your offline marketing efforts. When people call after watching your ads on TV or trade shows, you know how they found you through the number they called.

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