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At Rozper, our commitment lies in transforming how businesses engage with their customers. We offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge cloud solutions aimed at simplifying your communication workflows, enhancing productivity, and ensuring outstanding customer experiences.


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Voice services generally refer to any technology or platform that enables voice communication over networks. This can include traditional telephony services, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa, and other voice-enabled applications.



Bulk SMS

Reach a wide audience instantly with Bulk SMS. Our service allows you to send large volumes of text messages efficiently for marketing campaigns, customer notifications, and alerts


Integrate SMS capabilities with our SMS-API: automate sending, manage contacts, monitor delivery status, enhancing business communication strategies effectively.


Optimize customer engagement with WhatsApp Business: leverage multimedia messaging, chatbots, and customer support for direct interaction on their preferred platform.

Facebook Messenger

Engage customers on Facebook Messenger for Business: use messaging, chatbots, and multimedia for personalized support and enhanced social media interaction.


Boost customer engagement via Instagram messaging: leverage visual content and direct messaging for product promotion, inquiries, and audience relationship building.

Phone Number

Virtual Phone Numbers

Expand your business with Virtual Phone Numbers: gain local presence in multiple locations, manage calls efficiently from anywhere without physical offices.

Number API

Automate phone number management with Number API: streamline provisioning, call routing, and manage phone number functions seamlessly in your apps.

Toll-Free Numbers

Enhance customer accessibility with Toll-Free Numbers: enable callers to reach your business at no charge, boosting satisfaction and fostering loyalty.


Boost brand recognition with a Vanity Number: create custom phone numbers reflecting your brand, enhancing marketing effectiveness and customer recall.

Second Phone

Manage business communications with a Second Phone Number: separate personal and business calls efficiently, maintaining privacy without additional devices.

Business Phone Number

Enhance customer service with a Business Phone Number: streamline communication for clear, professional interactions, improving operational efficiency.

Contact Center

Stay connected with Voicemail: record and store messages when you’re unavailable, ensuring no communication is missed, enhancing customer service.

Facilitate virtual meetings with Video Conferencing: real-time video/audio, screen sharing, and collaboration tools for productive remote interactions.

Stay accessible with Call Forwarding: redirect calls to ensure you never miss an important one, improving customer service and responsiveness.

Enhance caller experience with Call On Hold: entertain with music, messages, or promotions, boosting satisfaction and communication effectiveness.

Ensure quality and compliance with Call Recording: capture, archive calls for training, monitoring, and legal insights, ensuring service excellence.
Improve customer interactions with Call Monitoring: supervisors can listen to live calls for real-time feedback and training, ensuring service quality and compliance.


SIP Trunking enhances voice communication by leveraging internet connectivity, offering cost-effective and reliable global connectivity.

Voice Termination efficiently routes voice traffic across networks, minimizing latency and ensuring optimal sound quality for uninterrupted calls.

Bulk SMS allows businesses to send large volumes of text messages instantly, ideal for marketing campaigns, customer notifications, and alerts.

Virtual Phone Numbers enable businesses to establish a local presence in multiple geographic locations without physical offices, managing calls from anywhere.
Call Recording captures and archives calls for training, compliance, and quality assurance, ensuring service excellence and legal insights.

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